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1/7 Royal Warwickshire Regt. (05.07.17 - 17.07.17)


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I am researching a local lad, Alfred Adams, who fell under the Military Service act 1916 and was called up into the army in 1917, aged 19. Although he preferred to serve with the A.S.C., on account that he was a horseman by trade, he was placed into the Norfolk Regiment and then on 5th July 1917, while in France, he was transferred into the 1/7th, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. On 17th August he was shipped back to Britain, specifically a hospital in Sheffield, on account of receiving a shoulder wound.

I was wondering if anyone has any info on the movements of that battalion during that time scale and perhaps an indication of what action Alfred may have been wounded in? Any information would be greatly received.

Thank you,
Darren Norton

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The war diary for the period in question can be downloaded for only £3.30 here http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C7354610. It will give you details of locations etc.


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I'm a bit confused, in your heading you have 17 JULY 1917 and then in the body 17 AUGUST 1917 !!??

PRESUMING it is August, here is the War Diary which covers his wounding

He was most probably wounded while his battalion held the line in the St. Julien sector, his battalion relieving the 1/5th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment during Friday 10 August 1917. Retaining possession until the night of Monday 14 August 1917, his battalion was subjected to accurate shelling and sniper fire.

The War Diary records,

“10 August 1917 - At dusk the battalion moved forward and relieved the 5th Royal Warwickshire Regiment in the front line in the St. Julien sector. The relief was carried out without any casualties to this unit. The 6th Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment were on the left, the 2nd Inniskillings on the right.

11 August 1917 - The enemy shelling and sniping was very heavy and active. “B” Company H.Q. were blown in causing 2 officer and 10 other ranks casualties.

During the night the line was advanced slightly to a position about 100 yards east of the Steenbeek. Posts were also established on the St. Julien - Winnipeg and St. Julien - Poelcapelle roads.

The enemy used considerable quantities of ‘mustard oil’ gas shells against us.

12 to 13 August 1917 - The 5th Royal Warwickshire Regiment relieved the battalion in the front line during the night of 13/14th during the course of which the enemy put down two gas shell bombardments.

The whole tour in the line was very trying owing to the bad state of the ground. The heavy shelling and constant rain making any movement extremely difficult. After the relief the battalion were in reserve in shelters in the east bank of the Yser Canal.

14 August 1917 - Day spent in Canal Bank. Warning was issued to be ready to move on 15th to Dambre Camp.”



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