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New War Memorial Brinklow.


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Hello All,

Having done a quick search I discovered what I believe to be the newest War Memorial in the UK. Situated in Brinklow it was dedicated in September 2014 something that I was gutted to miss as it received very little medial coverage. But I wanted to share some pictures on here with you all as I visited yesterday. It was incredible to see the whole village had been involved a trip from the memorial to the church revealed a book with full profiles of the soldiers who had died in the village.

It was such a heart warming thing to see a village fund raise and buy a memorial almost 100 years after war begun.

Anyway here are a few pictures I took.

IMG 0244

IMG 0243

IMG 0242

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It is right on the edge of the main road (The B4495) you cannot miss it. It you go to visit make sure you go to the church which is a little down the road from the corner of the memorial to see the memorial and the 2 books about the soldiers from Brinklow in the church.

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