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Gunner in RFA

Guest Thedancingelk

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Guest Thedancingelk

Hi I'm new here so I'm not great at this lol?

I'm researching my grandad but I don't no where to begin.

I have his regimental number 40194 and found his medal card and pension records on a genealogy site.

But alas I don't no how to find out more about him.

He was a gunner in the RFA and I'm so proud of him but would like to know about his time in the army and where he fought.

I asked family if he'd mention any stories of his time in the Great War but they said he never spoke of it

To them.

If any one can help I'd grately appreciate it.

Although I have seen his pension records I can't really understand them and some of it isn't so clear.


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Welcome to the Forum.

We may be able to find his name by his number but it'll be better for the research if you give us his (full) name and any other details - dob, place of birth, residence, family etc...

Is he Joseph J Hill? If so, there's a lot of detail to decipher in his pension records. As most service records were destroyed in the Blitz, he has a really useful record.


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Welcome Thedancingelk to the forum. If you have the pension records it now depends upon what detail it gives. It usually gives you the info of where and when he joined and also his history of when he was at home or in France/Belgium, and his history in the RFA. It just depends upon what information you have. Come back to us in your next post and let us know and I am sure forum members will help as much as possible.

Regards. Mike

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This is a good place to start.

It is the Long Long Trail, which can be found top left of the page.

This will take you straight to 'researching a soldier.' There are links for most of the things that you want to know.

Come back with any questions/


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Joseph Jim Hill went overseas with 83rd Brigade RFA, 18th (Eastern) Division in late July 1915. He was transferred to No. 2 Section, 18th Divisional Ammunition Column on May 17, 1916 and that is where he remained for the rest of the war. See http://www.1914-1918.net/18div.htm for a list of significant actions.

The War Diary for the 83rd Brigade RFA can be downloaded for £3.30 here - http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C7352961

The War Diary for the 18th Divisional Ammunition Column can be downloaded for £3.30 here - http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C7352966

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Guest Thedancingelk

Thank you so much guys for your help,and yes he was Joseph jim hill,born in Islington 1895 and you all seem to be talking of my g-grandad in your replies,

Thanks for the information David I will click the links as this is very exciting progress for me,

And again thanks all for helping me.

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