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Turkish / Ottoman Officer's sword


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Spear pointed and double edged ... all the descriptions of these swords state that the hilts are wooden .......mine is horn which suggests to me perhaps the officer was a CO or higher rank ?

The 68cms (26 3/4") long blade is of good quality steel, diamond cross section, seems to be a very small "I" or a 'sideways' "H" stamp next to the guard. I believe the better blades were supplied by Germany (Solingen ?).

The inscription is 'old' Turkish script and was used up to the end of WW1 ....after which they changed their alphabet to the latin characters. The inscription reads... 'Allah (god) is with us/me'. Showing the German influence on Turkish military during that time. `Allah bizimle' is a direct translation of famous German military slogan of the Second Reich .... 'Gott mit uns'.

Came with a scabbard with a damaged end. The throat is much larger than the blade, so likely a later replacement ? Wooden core with brown leather similar to the British type used during WW1.

Many of these swords ended up having the blade cut down to make trench knives, the guard making a useful knuckle duster

All comments and info greatly received, thank you





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Any chance of a closeup of the marking next to the guard.? It could either be a serial number or more likely an Osmanli/Arabic letter/s.

I believe this sword is a locally made example. I have seen the German manufactured types - they show different quality and markings.

Cheers, S>S

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Agree, probably a war-time locally made example, German made examples are usually a high quality.



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