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Major F A H Bealey


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Any interpreters out there ? This is the entry for this Major who was apparantly killed by the Germans 17 11 1918 (from the ICRC Records)

Major Lancs Fus 6th Bde 66th Div Nehere Angaban Fehlan-Verat 17-11-18 Im .Offiz .Gef.Lag Bad Colberg S.M. Aktz 33463 Gomeld.V.Niedarzwehren

As far as I can make it out. Thanks Ralph.

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Here's a blog about Frederick Arthur Harold Bealey who went missing on 21st March 1918 and died ('in German hands') on 17th November 1918. The last name being the cemetary and Bad Colburg being where W Camp was.


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