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Northamptonshire Reg't to Munsters or Inniskillings ?


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Good evening,

I hope someone can help me make sense of the medal rolls in relation to this man.

T. Hayes' medals (14-15 Star trio) are contained in a cloth bag with 2 regiments and regimental numbers written on the bag:13492 North'n. R and 31142 R Innis F. The medals are inscribed with North'n R.

The BW and V Medal roll has him transferred to the Royal Munster Fusiliers, yet the Royal Inniskilling Fusliers roll shows regimental numbers 31141 and 31143 as been transferred in from the Northamptonshires. I can't find his service record; is it likely he was initially sent to the Inniskillings but rejected and sent to the Munsters.?




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13492 Thomas William Hales enlisted about 3 September 1914 and in all likelihood was one of the men who trained with the 6th Battalion all the way from recruitment to deployment in July 1915. Going to France with the original contingent of the battalion he served with them until wounded in (probably) September 1916. His name appears in the long casualty list of 6th Battalion men wounded at Thiepval on 26 September 1916 published in the Times of 1-11-1916 (though there may be the odd exception in the list, I suspect he was wounded on 26 September).

The men moved to the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers were transferred from the 3rd Battalion of the Northamptons (at Gillingham/Chatham) in January 1917 and were sent to Salonika to join the 5th Battalion of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. The trail gets a little hazy then as some are shown as joining their battalion straight away while others may have been retained at base.

I haven't been able to make any sense of the R.M.F. number - it may even be post-war?


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Thanks Steve,

That's a great help.

It seems strange that he's in The Royal Munster Fusiliers section of both the 14-15 Star roll and BW & V roll and not the Inniskillings, like those other sequential numbers are !

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