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Help with MIC M.M error

Tony Cox

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I have a copy of this mic to Thomas Harrison which states he was awarded the MM, but i have searched the war diaries for this battalion and the london gazette and came up with nothing.

However i did find a William George Harrison in the diaries who did win the MM with the same battalion,but his MIC does not show the MM entitlement,could these two names be mixed up.I am a member of Ancestry and here are the mic's from them.






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I think that you are probably right. . In the end the MIC's must have been maintained by an army of clerks, and it is a tribute to their efforts that generally they are a good record, but errors happen. I'm not sure that you will ever be able to prove your view, or the negative, beyond the reasonable conclusion that you have drawn,


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Hi Mike

There's a note in the Cemetery Register at the bottom which says * Correctly listed P.565 after Harrison, Pte. W. E. Whatever that means? -

If you look at the cemetery registers below his details on CWGC there are two pages listed - the name was put out of sequence (alphabetically)originally and should be on the next page - page 565 as indicated in red. The first page there is page 562.



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Thanks to you all for the reply's.

Johnboy the date on the WD for William George Harrison's MM was 8 July 1916.

Ive just received some paper work for my Thomas Harrison from the same battalion and found out that Thomas Harrison was badly wounded on the 14/2/1916 i think at Hill 60,

and never returned to the war again.So i think it was more than likely a mixup with the two men having the same surname and it was William George Harrison who won the MM.


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Also, from the Military Medal records available on The Genealogist website is: award to Thomas Harrison, Sgt 7533 2nd Bn Yorkshire Regt. London Gazette dated 20/10/1919.


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I think the problem has been solved. The MM was mentioned in the WD dated 8/7/1916 in Birthday Honours.

Yours , although 3 yrs later might be a relative?

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