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Would someone please look up the Service Records of my father Charles William Walsh ( Royal Berkshires Regiment 42901 and Royal Warwickshire Regiment 44734).

Kenf54, Purley, jbw541 and Chris Baker all helped me decipher the records last November and came to the conclusion that Dad was posted to the 5th Royal Berkshires at the beginning of September 1918. However I have been through the records several times recently and have been unable to find this reference.

Can someone tell me which piece of paper it is on? I am going round in circles.

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I realise that the records are on Ancestry thanks Martin and I have a print off from the Local Library but there must be a page missing.

I have been back to the Library twice to go through it on computer - without any luck.

That's what makes it so frustrating.

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3rd page in from the end (no. 1115) - 'Statement of the Services of No. 42901' -

Deemed to have enlisted 13.06.17

Called up for service 25.04.17

5 Posted 1.9.18

2/4 Posted 20.2.19


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Chris it is against forum rules to post images from Ancestry for third parties


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