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10th Black Watch war diary for 1916 Salonika

patrick anderson

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My namesake Uncle Lieutenant P W Anderson , 10th Black Watch was in Salonika with the Battalion and the 26 Division from the November 1915 period until his move from that war zone area in late 1916 as he went to train as an observer in the RFC .

Has anyone any knowledge of a war diary being available on line etc for the 10th Black Watch during 1916 as the book edited by Major General Wauchope called The Black Watch in the Great War vol 3 records my namesake uncle in action on raids on enemy lines in the Balkans .

Thanking you for your assistance

pat w anderson

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The NA hasn't yet got around to digitising War Diaries for this theatre of war. There may be a timetable somewhere on their site or someone here may be able to say.

For the moment here is the ref for it:


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Hello Pat,

I just learned a couple of days ago that the 3 Volumes of 'A History of the Black Watch in the Great War (Royal Highlanders)' by Major-General AG Wauchope, CB, is available online to read:


The 11th Bn are in Volume 3.

Kindest Regards,


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Thank you both for the reply and I had heard that Naval & Military press are having a C D rom published on WW1 but it seems to be just on WW1 in France & Flanders not Salonika and the Balkans . I will see what the National archives say re their website so thanks for that info Sotonmate ! Thanks Tom Ive got a copy of these WW1 books


best wishes pat

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