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Gunner (WO) Donald Macdonald and HMS Recruit


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Now researching WW2 records for our village memorial, I came across a stone in the graveyard of St James, Clanfield, Hampshire which bears the name of a young pilot killed in 1940.

Also commemorated on the stone is his father, Donald Macdonald WO, RN, mined at sea on August 9 1917

Records show that HMS Recruit was sunk on this date.

Does anybody have details of HMS Recruit and her crew?

I am trying to track down this gentleman and his service record but it is proving difficult with so little to go on and; there is no information on his CWGC entry, other than that he was a gunner. The 1911 census has not been helpful, either.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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His date of birth is 13/11/1876. Acting Gunner 15/5/1903 - 20/7/1904. Gunner from 21/7/1904 - 9/8/1917.

If you have Find My Past there are two pages for him under Royal Navy Officers' Service Records.

Page 412, 25/8/03 - 9/11/14.

Page 933, 9/11/14 - 9/8/17.

Gunner R.N., was a warrant rank so he would have come up from the lower decks, there should also be a ratings service record for him.

The first part [page 412] is downloadable from Discovery National Archives under Royal Navy Officers' Service Records 1756 - 1931 [ADM 196/34/815].

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Thank you very much for this.

I had been calculating on slightly later dates, so this helps enormously. Although from a Naval family, I was not sure where warrant ranks fit, so that clarification is useful.

I used Find My Past a great deal at one time but since the 'improved' version came online, I have found it to be extremely user unfriendly, so have tried to avoid it recently.

Progress ...thank you again.

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