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RAMC(T) records


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Does anyone know where (if at all!) I might find records of the RAMC (T) unit based in Cambridge, pre-1914? It was the 1st Eastern General Hospital but I do not seem to be able to find any records pertaining to it, nor if any service records of those serving in the Territorial Force still exist for the period 1910-1914.

Many thanks.

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Hello webbyg

You should be able to find some information in the records of the Cambridgeshire County Territorial Force Association, which are likely to be with the Cambridgeshire county archives.

I have never used these archives, but try browsing the county website, www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk as there may be a link to the archives and details of what they hold. At the very least, the site should give you a contact e-mail address.

Only this afternoon I was looking at the lectern used in the hospital chapel when it was at Boulogne in 1917-18. It is now held in St Michael's Church in Trinity Street, a daughter church to Great St Mary's, to whom it was presented after the war.


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Google 1st Eastern General Hospital and loads comes up. I have a feeling that someone has written a book on the unit but cannot recall the title.


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