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International Red Cross Records and Repatriation


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Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere.

I have the following records from the ICRC website.

The man I am researching was Ernest Francis Kitchen.

He was a corporal in the 6th Btn Leicestershire Regiment and was captured at Epehy on 22nd March 1918.

The first POW record is: stamped PA 30761 and dated 2nd Aug 1918 Gustrow Previously at West front.

A second record is: stamped PA42877 Dulmen dated 26th March 1919 previously at Jeaumont.

Does anyone know whether the dates on these refer to the date the report was received by the Red Cross or the date he was actually there when they visited? Is it likely he was kept working near the Western front for several months before being transferred to Gustrow or can we read nothing really into these dates other than he was at Gustrow at some point in 1918?

The date on the second one seems very late. When was the last POW repatriated?

Finally can anyone tell me what Jeaumont refers to or means? All the men on that page have this entered under the heading of where they were previously.

Many thanks


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I think you are right about the stamped date being the date details were received by the Red Cross though I stand ready to be corrected. If you look at this record, you will see that it bears a typewritten date of 3 October 1914 and a stamped date of 19 December 1914. The typewritten date is clearly the date the list was typed and I believe the stamped date is the date on which the list was received by the Red Cross.


I believe that the last POWs were repatriated in January 1919 but, again, stand ready to be corrected. One of my POWs did not get back to the UK until early 1919.

Not sure about Jeaumont (could it be a misspelling for Jeumont?) but wonder whether it was a temporary "holding station" for POWs.

Sorry I can't help with your other questions. Hopefully, somebody who can will come along shortly.

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The War Office continued to publish casualty lists into March of 1919 and those repatriated appeared in lists within that publication. My granddad was repatriated from Dulmen and appears in the list dated 24 December 1918. The camps were cleared in stages with a committee remaining for a while after the last POWs had gone, for organisational purposes and closure of the camp. This information came from the WO 383 files. Whereby the Netherland Legation went to camps to investigate allegations of mistreatment late 1918 and early 1919 only to find that there was only the committee still left and the camp cleared so they were unable to verify through witnesses and the those on the committe were unable to help with the investigations.

I was working my way through newspaper reports on repatriations and camp clearances until other circumstances overtook me. Hopefully, I will be able to pick it up again soon and post some snippets under a new thread...

Hope this helps

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