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Patrick Waters 23906 Ryl Dublin Fus & 569903 Labour Corps

Ian C

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I have been asked by a lady to see if I can find any info on this chap. He joined up in 1915 and was with the Dubs before being transferred to the Labour Corps, he was entitled to the BWM & VM, and as you will see below was also awarded the War Badge due to wounds

Family history has it that he was court martialed (?) at Dover and sentenced to death but this was commuted and he returned to Dublin.

My questions are does anyone know what the initials C.O. stand for in the unit discharged from section of the form and is it likely that someone who had been sentenced to death and then had this commuted (so still guilty, just not executed) would be allowed to collect his medals and be awarded the War Badge?




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His Labour Corps service number indicates that he was transferred into there somewhere between May to September 1918 (book "No Labour No Battle")

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