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Personal Distinctions: 350 Years of Royal Marines Uniforms and Insigni


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The Royal Marines Historical Society have just published their latest Special Publication No.41: Personal Distinctions: 350 Years of Royal Marines Uniforms and Insignia. It consists of 316 pages with 1007 illustrations (many of them in colour). It is a soft back book written by John Rawlinson, the Societys Honorary Secretary and an acknowledged expert on the subject along with input from other society specialists. It costs £35 plus p & p and is available from the Royal Marines Museum shop.

I know it is strictly a WW1 book but I thought it should be brought to the Forums attention.

The chapters are as follows:

1. Introduction

2. Full Dress Headdress

3. Undress Headdress

4. Other Headdress

5. Rank, Status and Experience

6. Unit Insignia

7. Specialisation and Additional Qualifications

8. Flying Badges

9. Gunnery Badges

10. The Bands

11. Accoutrements and Miscellaneous Badges

12. Uniform

13. The Kings Badge

It is a superb book and will be the starting point for more in depth research into the subject for years to come. It is not my major area of research into the Corps but I found plenty of interest and cannot recommend it highly enough.


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