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Remembered Today:

CPO Frederick Barrow


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Good evening all from Canada.

One of the lads in the Legion band was looking for some assistance in finding War Service Records for his Father.

Here's the details I have at hand.

Frederick Barrow, son of James and Mary Barrow, was born in Wigan, Lancashire, 1893.

My friend has a wrist bracelet which reads:

F Barrow, ERA, RC,M18966

So, with that, I leave it to the wizards in the community. Where should I advise Tony to search out the records? I've been trying to follow the threads and have ended up at the FAAM link. Is this the place?

Thanks so very much for taking time on this.


PS - We've had over 30 inches of snow last week. If you need some, will gladly fill a Herc and deliver it to you.

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