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Help to ID german uniform


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Hi all

My friend has some german uniform stuff that I'm trying to help identify .she has two pairs of expellettes with red numerals 446 and 447 a type of Kharki Lone Ranger mask and what looks like a grenade ! Amongst others , I will upliad photos if some one could help regards Garry

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Photographs would be nice! In the meantime:

A quick search on German Google revealed little for IR 446 other than an indication that it was formed in or after November 1916, and was with the 232 Infanterie-Brigade on 26 May, 1918.

There is a little bit more known about the IR 447. It was formed 16 Jan 1917 using elements from the Ersatz Battalion of the IR 147 and - it seems - demobbed former members of the same IR 147. The commander was a Major Mathi, who was transferred to this unit from IR 69. The unit also served with the 232 Infantry Division/Brigade.

The 232 Division was Prussian and was formed 16 January 1917, and it was attached to the XX Armee Korps. It initially served on the east front and was transferred to the west front in the middle of 1918.

The sources are: http://genwiki.genealogy.net/IR_446 and http://genwiki.genealogy.net/IR_447, with http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/232._Division_(Deutsches_Kaiserreich) - this last details where the unit actually fought.


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