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Amputees etc. Commencement of discharge proceedings


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I seem to hold the impression that discharge proceedings for those seriously wounded eg amputees etc would not start until the man was discharged from hospital.

Is there any authority I could look up/quote in the event that I am right?


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Going by one of my Non-Comms, who suffered a GSW to the spine and was subsequently paralysed:

20/9/17 wounded in action and evacuated to a military hospital in the UK

6/10/17 Medical Board found him unfit for further service. He was still in the same hospital. Army Form B.179 refers.

29/10/17 Officially discharged from service. Army Form B.268 refers.

I noted that he was recorded as discharged from that hospital on the same date,

What I have not been able to ascertain, is whether he was transferred to a local hospital after that date. He actually died in the local military hospital about 6 months later.

Hardly an authoritative answer, I know, but what you say is interesting.


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Again, not an authoritative answer, but in all the similar cases I've come across in which medical discharge was no more than a formality, the Medical Board was held at least a week or more before the actual discharge took place. Anything after he was discharged was technically a Pension Board, I think.

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