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Can anyone help please?

Kenneth Godbold is commemorated on our village war memorial in Sussex and identified as

being in the Lincolnshire Regiment

What we know

Born 29 Oct 1880 Oakleigh Park Friern Barnet Middlesex

Son of Bowler and Louisa Harriet Godbold (nee Sands)

1881 Census Friern Barnet

1891 Census Margate

1901 Census Shirland Derbyshire (Edward K Godbold)

After that he just vanishes!

No CWG entry, nothing in National Archives.

Extensive searching through many genealogy sites…nothing!

His brother Hugh Mackie Godbold was a businessman in Cape Town

We have a fair bit about the rest of the family but nothing for Kenneth!

Did he serve under another name?

We are currently working our way through the local telephone books contacting Godbolds,

so far no luck.

Any insights most appreciated.

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There are quite a few to-ings and fro-ings of Hugh M in the passenger records for the Cape service. I just looked in case they went there together at any time,but only Hugh travelled. He is likely to have gone firstly between the 01 and the 11 Censuses. He is shown as returning to the UK in 1914 and I did wonder if,like a good few others,that he came home to serve his country. His journeys went right up to age 74 in 1953 when he is seen as coming "home" as a retired person.

I too have found nothing on Kenneth Edward. If he did have a nom-de-plume I suspect that we aren't going to know it,unless your Sussex village or County records have something such as archived Parish Magazines,worth a search, I think. My Hampshire village has such records in County Archives at Winchester.

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Thanks for your response Sotonmate, It really is a mystery. Good thought, I will try our County Records Office, we might just be lucky with

some Parish Magazines.

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