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Centenery In Braunschweig/Germany


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this is what German authorities call participation for the fallen in Great War.

"Town of Braunschweig will not participate in the commemoration in honor site of Brunswigian regiments. The administration of the town will not put a wreath on the memorial stones in former Roselies barracks on Memorial Day. The administration has canceled due to the dispute over war crimes of Braunschweigischer soldiers in Roselies/Belgium 1914.

Right or wrong?



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If I understand it correctly it took the "High Animals " ( Fritz Limbach's words) of the city of Brunswijk/Braunschweig "only" 76 years to finally understand why a part of their city was called "Roselies-quartier" ? Hmmm, is that for real?

Wrong to cancel the whole thing.

Now that these worthless ****s have "finally seen the light" (through questions from the opposition I gather): do something with it. Don't just bury your head in the sand.

*edit : got my info from this article, with a picture of the monument in question


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It is a shame. I recently published a book on my German grandfather's WW I Regiment; Infantry Regiment 169. It was quite a storied regiment, with over half of the 23,000 men who served in the Regiment in the course of war being marked as casualties. In the mid 1970's, the regimental monument, outside Karlsruhe, was demolished to build a highway. I understand Germany's sensitivities regarding the outcome of the 20th Century wars, but it does seem more could be done to mark the Centenary. Regards, John Rieth

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This is such a shame Fritz. I really don't understand why a town cannot participate in commemorating their dead in the Great War. There were so many casualties on both sides that we should honour them all, regardless of politics, religion or disputes.


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Definitely wrong. The men were doing their duty, usually willingly, sometimes not so. However they were sons of Germany and deserve to be honoured. I shall thinl of them.


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