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146 seige battery RGA, where on 9th april 1918?


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Hello and thanks for reading , i need the help of the RGA experts out there ! my grandfather was wounded on the 9th april 1918 , gnr john james cuthbert , 77654 , 146 seige battery RGA he was addmitted to no 20 gen hospital at camiers on the 9th april , my questions are.....

1 where were 146 on the 9th april? and 2 is there any way of finding the names of his gun crew? he was the only survivor ,the gun took a direct hit , if his was the only gun destroyed that day would there be a diary entry somwhere? many thanks for looking any info would be great thanks

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Hello James

Q1 D9.D.1.6 (forward vicinity of Hennencourt)

Q2 doubtful but you could try looking in 1ANZAC AWM4 13/7/25 (Google it) or local Leicester newspapers; only surviving member is not supported by CWGC

Q2a No diary entry that I am aware of



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Q2. There are no casualties showing by the CWGC site for that date. The nearest is Signaller Gnr. F.W. Potter on the 7th April 1918 who was actually wounded on the 27th March.


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