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What was H. C. Div. Sig. Co."


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Could someone, please, help with telling me what the "H. C. Div. Sig. Co. Unit 3" was? This appears at the top left on this service record sheet and I've tried hard to find out via the Internet but failed. I understand the "Div. Sig. Co." bit but what was "H. C." or have I misread what it says?


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Thanks Headgardener - I should have seen that! On his attestation form it says, in very faint writing, almost too faint to read, "3/Home Counties Signal Company". I never managed to associate the two, however. Out of 26 service sheets/records, only about two are anywhere near legible - such a shame.

ss002d6252as tootrock says, his name was George Gillham and service number 3736

Thanks to all - if I hadn't asked, I'd probably still be racking my brains over what it meant when I had the answer all the while!

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