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13th Battalion, Welsh Regiment


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Is there such a 'thing' as a casualty list somewhere for the 13th Battalion, Welsh Regiment ??

Im researching Private 27751 John BROWN.

The CWGC records a date of death of 21 July 1917


but the SDGW record it as 31 July 1917

Having dealt with the CWGC quite a bit recently, and knowing the errors they have made with their scanning, I'm leaning towards 31 July 1917.

I have the War Diary and the battalion took casualties on both dates HOWEVER, the latter date was an attack and far more casualties were taken.

Nothing in War Diary, MiC, medal roll, newspapers



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Just answered my own question !!!!

An error (again) by CWGC

(Correct on downloadable papers - dont usually look at these for memorials)


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31 July 1917 = first day, Third Ypres of course with the 38th (Welsh) Division in the thick of it...


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