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Previous Royal Navy service records


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I have my grandfather's last RNR service record from WW1 with the letter D showing it was his 4th consecutive enrolment.

It shows his previous 3 service numbers with letters A, B and C respectively.

It also shows a service number with the letter G for the period Nov.1891 to Aug. 1894.

Are any of these records accessible?

What does the letter G signify in the earliest record?.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Kew Discovery series BT377 for RNR ratings service only seems to run from 1908 to 1955.May be some help here though:


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Men with suffix 'G' were Second Class Deck (Seamen) ratings (on first period of enrolment) under the system which began in 1891. Very few of these early records have survived. BT163/13 has about 400: 2800.G to 3199.G dating from about 1892.

Very few of the early records for 1st Class Deck ratings have survived either. BT 146/6 contains 3600.A to 3999.A from 1894/5. BT 164/7 contains1.B to 399.B from 1891/2. BT 164/8 contains 1600.C to 1999.C from 1897/8.

There are also numerous 'D' suffix records from the 1891 series that have been mixed up with the 'D' suffix records from the 1906 series (both series use the same A-E letters). They are mainly in the 4000.D area.

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Many Thanks.

None of Grandfather's G, A, B & C numbers fall within the groups you have listed so his early training details seem to be beyond recovery.

However I have gone from knowing only what is on his CWGC gravestone to knowing he was on the RN reserve from Nov 1891 to his medical discharge in Dec 1916, his war service postings, his medal entitlement and his medical discharge details.

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