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What regiment/uniforms?


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Do the uniforms in this picture tell you anything? Can you make out the shoulder insignia. The seated figure appears to be wearing spurs and is he holding a riding crop? Any ideas much appreciated.




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The 1st two might be Yeomanry{it looks like a "Y" on the end of "1"s Shoulder Title~[Essex Yeomanry wore :"EY"] & they are wearing Jodphurs,as well as the Crop,no;3 May be from another Unit especially if it is a Family Group

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I would also guess Yoemanry. Do you have their names?


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Just to add this. Who I was told these individuals where and who they actually where may not be the same thing.

But from the information I was given (although possibly not correct from left to right) and what I found on the on-line MICs the first and seated served in the Army Veterinary Corps, but althought they shoulder insignia are very indistinct is doesn't look like three letters, AVC, to me.

As its a family group it is possible they served in the same unit, but the individual on the far right does not appear to wearing riding breeches although he does have a lanyard.

My other question is, who got to wear a lanyard as part of their uniform?


PS Soory for the rather large pic, I posted the wrong version and this has probably put people off viewing it.

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If you give us their names we can have a go a tracking them down. They may have been Yoemanry and then served in the Vet Corps.



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As requested, the names as given to me are:

Left most: Albert (George) SPARKS

Seated: Henry Adam (Harry) SPARKS or Benjamin SPARKS

Rightmost : Henry Adam (Harry) SPARKS or Benjamin SPARKS

The older men are Albert's Uncles.

But I believe it is Henry Adam (Harry) SPARKS who is seated and that the third man may not be Benjamin SPARKS but another brother of Harry.

In the on-line MICs I found 7 men called Albert SPARKS, one Albert George who served in the ASC and an Albert G who served in the RFA. Of the seven Albert SPARKS entries only one served in the AVC:

Medal card of Sparks, Albert

Corps: Army Veterinary Corps

Regiment No: SE/4958

Rank: Private...

There are ten Henry SPARKS listed none were corporals, and only one Henry A SPARKS listed who was a corporal. Henry A SPARKS served in AVC:

Medal card of Sparks, Henry A

Corps: Army Veterinary Corps

Regiment No: 14777

Rank: Acting Corporal...

As to the third man, he appears to be a private and he wears a lanyard but doesn't look to be in jodphurs. What does that mean?

But the on-line MIC shows a George SPARKS to have also served in the AVC (bit of a coincidence ....). Henry Adam had a brother George.

Medal card of Sparks, George

Corps: Army Veterinary Corps

Regiment No: SE/19082

Rank: Private

But no Benjamin SPARKS seems to fit. Only three are listed amongst the MICs. Two in the Labour Corps and one (more possible) in the East Surrey Regiment. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Albert SPARKS had a borther Benjamin as well as an Unlce Benjamin.

It was the similarity in the uniform of the two men in the photo and the known family names that leads to my conclusion. But I could be barking up the wrong tree!


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