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Rifle Brigade Medal Rolls & 5th London PoWs


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I am researching 5th London PoWs and came across a potential PoW in the RB's medal rolls; there are hundreds of men from a variety of regiments who ended up with a RB army number at a RB Depot. I have come across other ex 5th men with the same background in the past. There are 20 or so 5th london ex PoWs in this group with RB numbers 39247 - 40810. Merely looked at other units in passing but 10 Londons & 1st Manchesters did stand out. Be good to hear the comments of our RB experts. Any idea of which Depot? Rugeley (spelling)?? Many 3rd 5th were demobbed here


Incidentally I have verified about 550 definite PoWs; my start point was a list derived from the medal rolls some while back when one ordered paper copies from Kew pre NA days!

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