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Karachi, Dorset Regiment, RGA. RFA. 3 rgt Photos and a couple of ind


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I have 3 photographs. In each photograph is my Great Grandfather Fred Bartlett. The Karachi photograph appears to be related to a medals award ceremony where he is sporting his Pip, Squeak and Wilfred, and. My Great Uncles from another branch of the family are also in the Karachi photo, Bertram Pryor (Prior) William Pryor (Prior) and possibly Frank Pryor (Prior). I know that each of them started with the Dorset rgt, but they may have each transferred to other companies, including the 609 which I believe were the rifles, and the RHA, RFA, and RGA.

The other two photographs-My Great Grandfather Fred Bartlett is in both photographs, and at least one of my Great Uncles. the two photos are of a group of around ninety men and then a photo with about 3/4 of the men missing.

Any thoughts, ideas or information re the photographs would be very much appreciated. I am particularly interested in identifying the officers in charge who are at the front centre. I have seen their photos before on other sites but can't seem to find them now. I would like to know what their stripes indicate- what rank etc. and also what the shiny looking cuff badge indicates on my G Granfathers right sleeve, I know that he worked with the horses and was a gunner, so ???

All of my realatives served with the Dorset regiment but may have transferred to the Devons, Somerset, Glous, and Berks, one signed up in Wimborne, one possibly signed up in Bere or Wareham and I also know that one relative Frank Edward Prior AKA Pryor served with a mixed company of territorials who set up in Wimborne, which included Canadian officers at Golden Fort on the Isle of Wight pre WW1 1910/11, He then signed up to the Dorset regiment (regular army) in 1914.

I also have a photo of my Great Grandmother wearing a pendant that my Great Grandfather took from a female Turkish sniper, he apparently returned after two years away fighting, and found her to be extremely ill. The pendant was pawned in order to get her specialised treatment with a physician in Poole. or so family legend has it.

Any info, thoughts or ideas no matter how small, would be really appreciated. Thanks

Bell :)post-117279-0-01939200-1415925439_thumb.

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2nd photo, less men same officers at front of photo. I'm wondering where I've seen their photos before? Are they from the Dorset Rgt?



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post 3 are gunners... and 1918 or later as they are wearing overseas chevrons on lower right arm .. and probably 1914 star ribbons..

Thank you for the very interesting info. Looking at other info that I have on my GGrandfather, it is possible that the photo was taken in 1920.

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One of the men who features in my larger group photo (no2 post) is also in a mixed group photo postcard of mixed regiments, Dorset, Bucks, Herts, Lincolnshire & Warwickshire Yeomanry c.1914 which I recently spotted on facebook. In my photo he is in the front row of men (seated on chairs) 6th from the right and in the mixed group he is in the 2nd row from the back 2nd from the left.

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Fred Bartlett is wearing a fourth medal after his Great War service medals, which looks to be a Meritorious Service Medal. Although previously (and now) a long service award, during the first world war it was given as an 'immediate' award for particular service, though in most cases not for acts of gallantry. These were announced in the London Gazette, and there are cards for them at The National Archives which may give an indication of his precise unit, which can then open doors to further research.

The group photo in Karachi I would think was the personnel of an artillery battery, and given your relative's position seated next to the officers, his 'Sam Browne' belt and the presence of a badge on his cuff (which would be a crown), he would be occupying the appointment of Battery Sergeant Major. I say artillery because of the bandoliers, and the two buglers lying on the ground in front, but without any visible cap badges I may be wrong.

The other photos also depict the personnel of an artillery unit, again a battery most likely, and again taken during the nineteen-twenties. The smaller group will be the unit's officers and non-commissioned officers (i.e. excluding all in the basic ranks of gunner or driver). You'll notice that all are wearing at least one strip as an indication of rank.

There were a lot of Fred Bartletts in the Artillery, so any other clues you may give will make it easier to pin him down. Full name (Fred or Frederick? Middle initial?) and service number would be useful, if you know them.


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