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Herbert Blackall 37590 Royal Berkshire Regiment


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The photo below is of Pvt Herbert Blackall (37590) who served with the 5th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment.

It was copied from the Touchen End Book of Remembrance which is Kept at Bray Church Nr Maidenhead . The photo was provided by his parents circa 1920.

His MIC states that he was entitled to the Victory and British Medals only thus must have gone overseas after the end of 1915.

He enlisted in Maidenhead but no date is given

He died on the 30th November 1917 nr Gonnelieu which ties in the 5th Battalion position at the time...

The problem is.......the uniform.....as you can see...not what an infantryman would be wearing...also the cap badge which is obviously not an RBR badge and I cannot identify it.

Any help would be very welcome





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How about 15th/19th Kings Royal Hussars?

(headgardener by a head!)


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Thank you.....that answers one question....and makes sense as he was a Groom in 1911

But...the 15th Hussars went to France in August 1914...If he was with them why is there no mention on his MIC?.... I can only presume he stayed behind for some reason..sickness/injury?

Would the 15th have accepted new recruits in 1914 even though they were overseas?

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Pretty much every regiment would have a depot battalion or squadron or whatever for admin, training, and recruiting. 15 hussars depot was, I think, part of 5th Cavalry Depot in Bristol (though You might want to check that on LLT.....). Cavalry casualties on the western front would have been pretty low I'd imagine, so by 1916 the authorities would have been combing the cavalry depots looking for men to transfer to infantry regiments - whether voluntary or otherwise. I suspect that this is how your man ended up in the Berks.

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And the MIC would generally only mention units that he served overseas with. If his service with 15/Huss was entirely in the UK then it wouldn't usually be mentioned on the MIC.

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