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Royal Field Artillery - understanding renumbering!


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I am researching a soldier - Ernest John Crosdil - who attested in May 1915 to the territorial force. The copy of his attestation lists his corps as 4th [?] (HOW) FA Bde.

His regimental numbers are 1447, 1954 and 915896

Based on these numbers, is anyone able to give me more detail about his Service history, please?

I read the terrific link which explained renumbering (which helps me understand why he has three numbers) but I can't work out more details about his service history.

Any guidance or pointers would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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I should add that his corps was originally recorded as 3rd County of (unable to read). This has been crossed through and the 4th reference above has been written .

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Where was he from?

The six digit number is in the batch allotted to the 27th Division Ammunition Column, which according to the LLT was formed from the 4th Home Counties (Howitzer) Brigade. Pre-war, they were based at Erith.

It seems strange that he has two four digit numbers, unless he transferred?

Without being able to see the actual document, I'm guessing.


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Ernest was initially in the 3/3rd County of London Yeomanry numbered 1941. On February 25, 1916 he was transferred with about 180 men from the same unit to 2/4th Home Counties (Howitzer) Brigade and given number 1447. The 2 Kent batteries in this brigade can also be regarded as A (H) and B (H)/338th Brigade but were soon split. A (H)/338 became D (H)/335 and B (H)/338 became D (H)/336. It looks like Ernest joined D (H)/336 on August 12, 1916. The re-numbering that took place in January 1917 was based on the number given in 2/4th Home Counties (Howitzer) Brigade even though he had switched brigades. The specific block allocated to the 4th Home Counties (Howitzer) Brigades was 915001-920000 and this applied to all men still effective (1st line, 2nd line, 3rd line, Home based Provisional brigades and those employed on munitions work). It was also used for men joining the RFA TF from other Corps after the main re-numbering had taken place.

For this particular set of numbers, those who came from 3/3rd County of London Yeomanry are easily identified as they were placed in rank then partial surname alphabetical order on transfer:

915893 = William George Chandler
915894 = Donald Samuel Clarke
915895 = Albert J Chart
915896 = Ernest John Crosdil
915897 = Ernest Clark
915898 = Albert William Cleavely
There also appears to be a battery swap in late August 1916, whereby D (H)/336 became D (H)/291, but again this did not affect the re-numbering. If he went to France in January 1917 then it will be with D (H)/291 in 58th (2/1st London) Division.
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Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time and efforts.


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