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Cath 5

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I have a dear daughter-in-law who comes from Tanzania.

My son came out with the remark that Tanzania never played any part in the Great War, which I knew, with Tanzania being in the Comminwealth, this was not correct, but had to look up to see where they did fight.

I read that that Dar Es Salaam was bombed and there were battles in Tanzania along with Rhodesia..

I would be grateful if anyone give me more informo about the part that Tanzania did play in both the World Wars?

cath 5

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It was then called Tanganyika. If you search the internet you will find a lot of information about the country in WW1, including the the battle of Lake Tanganyika which required two motor boats Mimi and Toutou to be hauled through the jungle. There is a full account of this action in Giles Foden's Mimi and Toutou Go Forth which is still available I think.


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Tanzania (later Tanganyika) was formed from what was German East Africa. Briefly, from January 1916 until after the war ended in Europe, British, South African, Indian and other Empire troops fought a long and frustrating war against the German Forces there.

So far from not being involved, GEA was very much involved and a significant amount of men and resources were committed tot his campaign.

If you check out the other sections of this website you will find more information and search the web for more dedicated information.


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Hi again,

Cath has come back! In fact I had a look the other day.

Many many thanks,I will have a good read of what you sent, as not only have I this daghter-in-law from Tanzania, my late father-in-law fought in the Kings African Rifles during World War 11, Before the war he was working in the same town where my daughter-in-law comes from; So there are many reasons for my interest, but a shame he never met her.


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