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East Kent buffs,3rd div. and Royal West Kent buffs, 6th div. WW1


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Our grandfather was in both the above regiments and his records are not too clear to read, I know where he was at the beginning of service but not later due to confusion as to which other division he was aligned to at the time.

Thomas William Moore born 1896 Handcross, Sussex. East Kent G/21163. Royal West Kent G/22370.

I have tracked him to France, Passchendale, 12.10.17 where he was wounded, sent home. Then back to France, Boulogne June 18, l'Escaut July 18, Etaples July 18, after this in August 1918 to October 1919 it just says field of war, prior to his discharge.

I am not clear as to wether he was a foot soldier or horse soldier, also as to what his injury was in Passchendale. His hospital record only mentions the painful condition Trench Feet.

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

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Hello Jennarembailey, and welcome to the Forum!

The East Kents (Buffs) and the West Kents (Queens Own) were both infantry regiments, so he was a foot soldier. The postings to Etaples suggest that at that time he was a "returning wounded" and he may not have gone back to his old battalion, but if you know which that was, it could be a useful starting point for his career after July 1918.


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Dear Ron

Defined a bit more information on the bad record copies.

04.07.1918 scarpe, Welsh R????

28.08.1818 Etaples, Field, Influenza, hospitalised

06.08.1818 discharged hospital

29.08.1818 - 21.02.1919 field (b213) is this battalion 213??

February 1919 , field, 6th batt, stamped by no5 infantry section, GHQ 3rd Echelee????

01.03.1919 transferred to Royal West Kent Buffs 6th div

That's about all I can gleen from the records, I hope this is helpful.

Regards Jenny

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Our grandfather was taken to uk when injured, from the port of Weniereux, France 15.10.1917.

The hospital ship name looks like Jau breydel, or jan breydel, does anyone know this ship.

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Here are his battalions in the Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 7/E Kent R. G/21163; 6/E Kent R. G/21163, and then the Queen's Own, Royal West Kent for which I do not have a battalion number.

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