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I am trying to find out some background into my Grandfather - Albert Charles William Higgs who I think served in RNAS Squadron No.1. I believe he was a mechanic / armourer. He died in 1980's and I regret that I never really got to talk to him about the war.

I have got an old photo of him in his uniform and also a picture of what I think was his Squadron which has been annotated with the officers names (which includes Roderic Dallas). I also have his: uniform badge (crossed axes beneath a cannon, set under a bird in flight), his hand written mechanic's note book which sets out details and information of aircraft equipment and engine settings, etc. There are a few references in the note book that may also be significant:

The first page of the note book give some personal references:

Albert. C. W. Higgs


Royal Naval Air Service


I am aware that he was away from home for around three years in France but I am not sure where he was stationed and what action he was involved in. Any additional information I could find out about him would be very welcomed indeed.

Best Regards


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After the creation of the RAF he became 210786, he has a record in AIR 79 http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C12253544, you should eb able to find a digitised version on FindMyPast (or Lives of the First World War, which will also have his RNAS record)

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