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James Narry 9th battallion cameronians

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Welcome to the Forum.

Please let us know what you know about your Great Grandfather (birth, location, family etc.) in order that someone in the Forum can guide you.


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He was born 28/4/84 died 5/5/18.He was born in Glasgow and died in France he is buried in bolougne east cemetery.He was a member of the 9th battallion cameronians service number b/8078. I have visited his grave but would like to find out if possible how he died and any other info about his time at war.Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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James Narry Private B/8078 of 9 Battalion Scottish Rifles (Cameronians),died of wounds on 5 May 1918 in one of the local military hospitals around Boulougne (coastal and clear of the fighting) and buried there at the Eastern Cemetery. Born in St Andrews,Glasgow,resident there,and enlisted at Fort Matilda. No service records seem to have survived. His Battalion was part of 9 Scottish Division for most of the war from it's arrival in France in May 1915. Around the time of his death his unit was attached to the South African Brigade of 9 Division.They were fighting in the series of battles called the Battles of the Lys (a river) 9-29 April 1918,and it would be difficult to determine which of the series he was wounded in,unless the War Diary specifies that by naming him (unlikely but worth a look). Here the page for 9 Div's war:


The dates of possible battles are : Scherpenberg 29 April 1918 ; 2nd Kemmel 25-26 April ; 1st Kemmel 17-19 April and Bailleul 13-15 April.

He would have been moved by Ambulance Train from the Lys to the Boulogne area.

You can buy the War Diary from April to Aug 1918 for £3.30 here:


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