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In my inventory of Luxemburgers of WW1 I have a man Alphonse Bodeving who, according to records here was a dentist in England.

There was no register of dentists at that time, so I have no idea where he live, whether he was married, etc.

Is there anyone who could look at the 1911 census for me and see whether he or any family figure on it anywhere?

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As far as I can see there is only 1 person named Bodeving in the 1911 census:-

Joseph Bodeving, age 28, a Luxemburg resident, occupation hotel cook and, if I understand it correctly, he was travelling on the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry.......

Are you sure of the spelling?


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Thanks for that. It may be back to the drawing board.

This guy is quoted in the records here as a dentist in England, but it's true that I did come across someone working on a ferry.

Anyway, thanks for the negative info. I'm not quite sure where it leaves me!

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