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295 Siege Battery RGA


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Hi all

Im trying to build up a list of all members of 295 Siege Battery.

My great grandfather was a gunner in 1917 John Bruce Sim 145074 and died of wounds on the 21 September 1917 and is buried in Reninghelst New Military Cemetery.

I have looked on Ancestry and have had no luck finding any papers regarding his joining or hospital records...

Any information you have please pass it on as i would like to create a database of these brave men

Many Thanks


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If you go onto www.cwgc.org and type in 295th siege under the advanced search and unit, you will get 24 names to start you off.

If you then use these names to search for service records on any of the well known genealogy websites, they may lead to other names listed on their service records.

If you go into the London Gazette on line, you will find 17 references to 295th siege and 10 references to 295th sge, albeit some are repeats.

It is also worth checking RGA service records for anyone with a service record commencing 145*** as you may also pick up a few this way.

These will get you started and give you a good appreciation for the sources and where next to go for more possible battery members.


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welcome Iain,

our grandfathers arrived in France on the same troopship 31st March 1917 - albeit mine in 293 siege battery.

in putting my website together all the advice from Mark is spot on, the kindness of others on this forum who send names on cannot be overlooked and as a quick tip - find my past has better indexing than ancestry and a search using 295th siege produces 83 returns - sadly your man is not amongst them but still 83 options to explore.

if you use '295 siege battery' another 4 returns etc



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If you also follow Sean's advice and search for the mens service records you will soon see patterns emerging of when and where 295 SB was formed. It is possible that your gt. grandfather may have joined 295 SB from 339 SB when this battery arrived in France and was split up with one section going to 295 SB to increase its Hows. to 6. I am more inclined to think he may have been a reinforcement though. At that time 295 SB was in 52 Heavy Artillery Group (HAG) which was itself attached to II Anzac Corps and it was here that 339 SB joined it in June 1917. Although not as detailed as battery, or HAG, diaries it may be viewed on line at http://www.awm.gov.au/collection/AWM4/13/8/ . You should see the battery mentioned and most likely its various map coordinates.

If you then post the names you have found, numerically is better, then I may be able to add a few more that FMP may not have picked up.


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