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Army Book 439: Interpreting Courses


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I am trying to track down where my grandfather carried out his training during the war under the 1st Dorsets until he was wounded on 18/11/16. I have his Army Book and would appreciate any help in understanding where the various courses he attended would have been.

My interpretation of it is:


Bombing: SC [what was SC?] School Lyndhurst, Company CO's course Feb 1918. [He was a Captain in 1918]

Lewis Gun: Le Touquet Oct '16 II S.C. School of Musketry £18 [i'm sure it doesn't read £18 but I can't make sense of it] [Would the Lewis Gun training have been at Le Touquet near Boulogne? How long would it last? I saw somewhere on here that it could be 3 weeks. There is no mention in the war diary of him leaving the others for this, but maybe we wouldn't expect it to]

Machine Gun: 32nd Division course Aug '16 [is there any way of finding out where this might have been?]

Army schools: Junior Officers' Course Oxford Sept '15 [How long would this have training been?]

Ben + Stand[?]: SC Sch Hayling[?]

RF Course: June 1916 [What was an RF course?]

Revolver course: Sept 1918 SC Course

Apart from tracing his movements, I am hoping to deduce which company he was in by matching which companies were sent to different places from the war diary. So far none of them seem to match up with where he carried out his training.

Thanks for any help given.


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Ben and Stand is in fact Barr and Stroud, a type of range-finding implement. Note the RF after it.

I would guess that SC stands for Southern Command, which would certainly include Lyndhurst and Hayling. (Sorry - Terry has already confirmed this.)


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