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9th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment - 9th May 1916

Guest ewanmorton

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Guest ewanmorton


I am researching my dad's great uncle who served with the 9th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and was killed in action on the 9th May 1916. I have tracked down the regiments war diary and the entries for the period reads as follows:

3rd May 1916

The Battalion was relieved in the Trenches by the 11th Lancashire Fusiliers, proceeding into Brigade Reserve in Zouave Valley.

9th May 1916

"The Battalion relived the 11th Lancashire Fusiliers taking over Trenches Q90 to Q93. About 7.30pm the enemy exploded a mine opposite Q90 and attacked the position. A counter attack was immediately launched, the near lip of crater being won and consolidated. Heavy losses were inflicted on the enemy, and 1 prisoner taken, from whom valuable information was obtained.

Casualties Lieut J.D. Crichton, Lieut F.G. Laurie and 2nd Lieut F.C Happold wounded and to Hospital. Lieut C.C. Yates, slightly wounded and at duty. O.R. 4 killed, 33 wounded."

Does anyone know the location of trenches Q90 to Q93 or know anything further about this action?

Thank you.

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I have also just recently downloaded the War Diary for the 9th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Entirely due to searching for information of my paternal Grandfather. I am also for the moment at a bit of a loss to make sense of their map co-ordinates.

What I can say is that the 9th Loyals didn't appear to travel very far from the area they went into from September 1915 for the rest of the duration. Their major battles were the Somme,Passchendaele,Ypres,Messines and Ancre Heights amongst others.

My Grandfather was captured during the German Spring offensive 'Operation Georgette' on the 12th.April 1918 near Steenwerck close to Armentieres it seems. Even though apparently shot in the right eye, he survived as a POW for the rest of the war, and through till he passed away in 1961.

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