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My grandfather served with the Lancashire Fusiliers 1917/18/19. I am trying to locate the appropriate cap badge for that period but the only ones I can find images of on-line contain the sphynx and 'Egypt' referring I believe to earlier campaigns for this regiment. Is this a campaign-sepcific cap badge for that campaign, did the regiment use it permanently afterwards, or is there another more generic badge ? Can anyone help please ?

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Same badge. Egypt and sphinx refer to a battle honour from the Egypt campaign in 1801.

What was his name?


Tim D

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Many thanks for answering my question.

His name was WILLIE TAYLOR DOB 08.11.1899.

I would love to know a lot more about his time in the army and the role he played in the Ordnance Corps at Audruiq Camp. Can you give me any pointers please ?


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