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Sgt. W Newman 7th Leicestershire/110th Composite Battalion ?


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I need some help trying to put together a particular period of this man's service.

Unfortunately his service records do not survive but I do have copies of his medical cards. He was wounded twice, once in 1917, and again in 1918. It is the latter incident I am especially interested in and having some difficulty pinning down his location.

He was a member of D company of the 7th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment and was admitted to the 3rd Stationary Hospital Rouen on 10th June 1918.

The battalion war diary for that period doesn't seem to indicate much action and in fact they were in training for part of it. However, there are several mentions of men joining the 110th Composite Battalion.

I gather, from another topic, that they were part of something called Gater's Independant Brigade. This was sent to block the German advance on the Marne on 2nd June 1918 and was under the control of the 5th French Army.

His medical card says he was transferred from Paris to Rouen. Or at least it looks like the word Paris. He suffered a gun shot wound to his left arm.

Is it likely he was wounded as part of the Composite Battalion and if so could someone tell me where they were actually fighting in the first ten days of June? Are there any records?

Many thanks


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Hello Max,

The 6th Battalion diary records on the 1st June,

The composite company were to hold a position West of the Marne & North West of Dormont/Donmont?



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Is he William Newman service number 36480 ?

If so he was originally in 9th battn Leics which was disbanded in Feb 1918 . The medal rolls show he was transferred to the 7th battn .

6th , 7th , 8th & 9th battalions Leicestershire regiment formed 110th Brigade part of the 21st Division.

From 27th May 1918 onwards the Brigade were retreating following the Battle of the Aisne and suffered very heavy losses.

By late June they were in Dieppe for rest and recuperation.

If it is your man Llew may be able to provide further details- enlistment date & place etc.

Matthew Richardsons book "The Tigers - 6th , 7th, 8th & 9th battns Leic Regiment" covers the 110th Brigade in detail.

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Hello Llew and Ellis

Thanks so much for your responses.

Ellis he is indeed that man. As luck would have it the service records for 36477 Arthur Irish and 36485 Ambrose Cotterill have survived. Both embarked for France on 19th or 20th December 1916 and both joined their Battalion in the field on 8th January.

This tallies with the war diary which recorded a draft of 263 other ranks joining the battalion on that date and also with Bacon's unpublished MS in the Leicester record office which also recorded the reinforcements arriving.

I had a quick look at Bacon the other evening and this seems to confirm to me he was part of the composite battalion on the Marne as the remainder who stayed with the 7th Battalion appear to have been out of immediate danger enjoying some training.

Would the brigade diary have more information on this??



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