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I am trying to find the owner of a medal in my possession.(I have posted on the Medal forum with an update on its origin) It was awarded to

Sig. B Fellows 1st Dorset Regt. I have been very kindly supplied with information from a Medal Card about a Pte. Bernard E.V. Fellows 1st Dorset Regt. I wondered if any one can confirm that Sig B Fellows and Pte Bernard E.V Fellows might be the same person? My doubts are that Sig and Pte are different ranks? Was there only one B.Fellows in the 1st Dorest Regt?. Thank you.

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The list of campaign medals1914-19 only lists 2 Fellows in the Devonshire

Fellows Bernard Ewart Vincent Dorsetshire Regiment 31433

Fellows Edward Reginald Dorsetshire Regiment 19113

As a signaller equates to a private if you are 100% sure your man was in the Dorsetshire regiement it woulb be Bernard Ewart Vincent Fellows

He was awarded the British War Medal and Victory Medal and dischareged on17 Feb 1919


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Signaller was an appointment (e.g. a job role) whereas private was the rank - a private could be a signaller in the battalion.


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