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Pte William Douglas 491448


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When my mother-in-law died (she was born in 1922) we found three WW1 medals in the bottom of her sewing box. These three medals belonged to Pte William Douglas. He served in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

Other markings on the medals are stamped 4150 and 43465.

This soldiers name is not known to any of the existing family members. Can anybody help in trying to trace his war record for addresses or next of kin as we would like to return them to his family.

Many thanks for any help.


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I have not been able to trace a service record for William Douglas. Many WWI Service Records were lost during the blitz in WWII. However, you can download William's Medals Roll Index Card (MIC) from the National Archives at http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D2670497 . This will cost you £3.30.

It appears from the description on the MIC that William served in the Royal Fusiliers (Service No 4150) and then in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Service No. 43465).

Others on this forum may be able to point you in other directions to find out more about this man.

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The Medal Card will not be of use to you, nothing on it apart from the fact he was entitled to the three medals you mention and that he was discharged class "z" having survived the war and the Victory medal had the number 491448 stamped around the edge. Ralph.

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Thank you all for the information so far.

To join the Royal Fusiliers, would you need to have been in England/London? Then to join the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers would you need to be Irish/Northern Irish?


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Hit a bit of a road block.

Reply from Inniskilling museum "trace a relative" department.

At present we are not taking on any Trace a Relative requests, as we had been overwhelmed by the number of requests we had received and to avoid disappointment have suspended the service until the backlog has been dealt with.

We have found three WW1 medals with the name Pte William Douglas 491448 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

These medals were found in the bottom of my late Mother-in-Laws sewing box. As far as any of our family know he is not a known relative.

Can you please help me to trace any of his relatives as Kew archives believe his service records where destroyed in WW2.

We would like to meet and return these medals to any surviving relatives.

We will be waiting until the museum opens the trace a relative department again.

Many thanks for all your contributions.


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You did not have to be Irish to join the Inniskllings. That said with the number 43465 it would probably be the case that William Douglas served in the Royal Fusiliers, was wounded and returned to serve at which time he was transferred to the Inniskillings.

By 1917 the Inniskillings of the Ulster Division took in a lot of men whose numbers begin 43....I know the 9th, 10th & 11th Inniskillings have men with these numbers but have never followed this through to see if they were drafted in together or from a pool. It would be possible to check if most of the others came from the Royal fusiliers or random regiments.

Regarding returning the medals to family, there is a strong possibility you are the 'family' and it would be worth tracing the connection between William and your mother in law.

For a long time we had a medal to a soldier carrying our surname but the family were unaware of who he could be. I finally traced him as my grandfathers cousin. When he was killed his father, my great grandfathers brother, came to live with our family and had his sons medals sent to our home address. When he died the medals remained in our family house but as the generations passed on the connection to them was not explained so that it became lost.

I would look for your mother in laws family and see if you can find a Douglas connection [her mothers maiden name?].

The longer number could be a post war renumbering of the Inniskillings if he stayed on to be a member of the army of occupation or for a short duration, that not my area i'm afraid.


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