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Who are these Soldiers

Tavern Druid

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Dear Forum members

My friend bought this postcard at a postcard fair.

The seller thought that it might have been taken in Kent, somewhere !

Also that they might be PoW's.

On closer inspection they are not PoW's as they clearly have rifles with them.

But they don't look like British soldiers.

Would any member be able to identify the uniform please?

They have an interesting insignia on the sleeve.

Also high collars with what looks like some sought of braiding which also appear on the shoulders.

And one or two are wearing white cross belts.

Although these may just be individual haversacks.

Most seem to have forage caps but one man is wearing what looks like some sought of helmet.

He is to the right (as we look at it) and in front of the windmill between the rifle stacks.

Sorry dont know what the correct term is for these.

They are at rest and eating there meal.

Any help would be most welcome


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Did you forget to post the photo!?

Can't you see it? They're looking very smart in their Arctic camouflage!

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