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I am researching my grandfather Cpl James Scott who was a lorry driver with No 2 GHQ Reserve MT Company. His army number was either M2/019688 (although on his certificate of employment it looks like 162/019688). He landed in France December 23, 1914, and was discharged 25 May, 1919. I can't seem to find out anything about where he was based, except its name.

I've looked at the National Archive WO/95, and I've just got even more confused. I found WO 95/134, which contains stuff on Reserve MT Coy No2, but that has in brackets after it (56 Coy ASC). My problem is that there is just so much stuff, and I don't really know what I should be looking for. He also sent a card from the Front, with pictures, entitled No 47 ASP. 278 (MT) Coy ASC & RFA. Can anybody point me in the right direction, please.

The only other clue I have to his whereabouts is a pocket editon of the New Testament, inscribed inside, Cpl J Scott from the Revd HS Stevenson with every good wish, St Valery, 3rd March 1918. I've looked up HS Stevenson on Ancestry, with no luck.

Thanks in advance.

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278 Coy was formed in March 1917 and absorbed into 277 Coy in March 1918. It was attached too 47th (London) Division throughout. The war diary is in WO 95/765.

Locating No.2 GHQ Reserve MT Company is probably going to be a case of trial and error, going through the diaries for a mention. WO 95/134 is a possible, although looking through the 1917 Orbats, 56 Coy seems to be with 2nd Cavalry Division throughout the period. The other way forward may be to plough through the WO 95/4184 and see if there is mention of it.


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The medal rolls certainly confirm his service number as M2/019688.

If you haven't looked already, see the Long, Long Trail:


This shows 56 Coy ASC as being: Pre-war. 2nd Cavalry Division and later GHQ Troops, as 2 Reserve Park MT.

Therefore, it certainly looks like WO 95/134 is the correct War Diary. The unit simply moved from serving the 2nd Cavalry Division to being GHQ troops.

If his card from the front gives 278 (MT) Coy, then he was presumably also with them at some time.

Again, the Long, Long Trail reference shows: Formed March 1915. 47th (London) Division. Absorbed into 267 MT Company (the Divisional Supply Column) March 1918.

I believe "No 47 ASP" will be No 47 Ammunition Sub Park. and their War Diary is at WO 95/765

Hope that helps!


Edited to add - Phil, you win the 'fastest finger first' competition!

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I wonder if your 'Rev H S Stephenson' was this chap: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Spencer_Stephenson ??

(By the way - looking at your photo in the avatar, you type very well for a member with paws!)

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Hello Scotty

ASC companies were usually known by two numbers. One was a serial number in the ASC itself - there were over a thousand - and the other which included a descriptive title. Thus 56 Company was originally 2 Reserve Park, later 2 GHQ Reserve MT Company, and 278 Company was originally 47 Divisional Ammunition Park, later 47 Ammunition Sub Park, and later merged with 277 Company to form 47 Divisional MT Company. The changing titles simply reflect slight changes in role as the war progressed, but basically both companies carried supplies and ammunition up from railheads, as far as roads permitted, by motor transport until they were collected by divisional or other horse transport units to be taken up to the front.

I hope that this has made things a bit clearer for you! It is not straightforward when you first come across it, and translating some of the initials can be confusing too.


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Wow, thanks very much, guys. I'll go off and see what I can do with that. That does make things a lot clearer...at least I know what direction to go in. Thanks for the compliment about my typing, WW - I could say I'm very impressed about a wombat's skills, too!

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