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My Grandfather Stephen Morris served in the Royal Navy between 1902 and 1922. He was based at HMS Pembroke II(Chatham).

During the war he served on HMS Undaunted as SPO from 29th August 1914 until 14th February 1917. At base from 14th Feb 1917 until 5th February 1918 when he joined HMS Apollo Lookout as SPO until 23rd July 1918, at base until 29th August 1918 when he joined HMS Blenheim as SPO later in January 1919 becoming Ch. Stoker. Finally leaving the Navy in 1922.

His medal record states that he was awarded The Star, The Victory medal and The British War Medal. It doesn't say which Star he was awarded, the 1914 or 1914-15.

How can I determine which Star is correct as I wish to obtain replicas of his medals as the originals do not exist as far as I know.

Anyone help please.


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From Long Long Trail, top left of this page

The 1914 Star
sometimes (unofficially) called the Mons Star

This medal was awarded to all officers, warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and all men of the British and Indian Forces, including civilian medical practitioners, nursing sisters, nurses and others employed with military hospitals; as well as men of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Naval Reserve and Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, who served with the establishment of their unit in France and Belgium between August 5th 1914, and midnight of November 22/23rd, 1914.

As far as RN is concerned I am not sure if a ship in waters off France counts as theatre of war France.?

Otherwise he was awarded 14/15 Star?

Do his records show a date of entry to Theatre of War and which one.?

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Welcome to the forum Mick

300901 SPO Stephen Morris was awarded the 1914 - 15 Star British War Medal and Victory Medal.

He would have had to serve on land in France or Belgium between 4th August and 22nd November, 1914 to be entitled to the 1914 Star. The fact he served at sea means that he was not entitled to the 1914 Star but was entitled to the 1914 - 15 Star.

The medal roll simply states "St" which was use to indicate the 1914-15 Star. Awards of the 1914 Star are shown as "14 St".

Hope this helps


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