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JT Herworth Norfolk/Essex Regt


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Pvt. JT Herworth, No 41893, was originally in the Norfolk Regt, No 30268

I have noticed, from SDGW, that there seems to be a considerable migration

of Norfolk Regt men to the Essex Regt., particularly, and in the case of JT Herworth, to the 1st Bn.

Does anyone know if this was this the result of a Norfolk Bn being disbanded, like the 3/6th (Cyclist)

Battalion, or just a gradual trickle from different Norfolk Battalions.

I know the 1st Bn Essex Regt was in Gallipoli and went to France March 1915.

His mic has the BWM&VM so he arrived after 31/12/1915

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Peter, my father-in -law, Walter Leeks, served in 1st Norfolks from 19.10.1917 in France until he was transferred to the 15 Battalion Essex Rgt on 18.03.1919 until discharge 21.08.1919. I assume that this was due to the demobilisation procedure after the war.

However Walter re-enlisted on 22.08.1919 on a Short Service engagement, and rejoined the Norfolk Regiment!


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My grandfather was in a Norfolk cyclist battalion and then transferred into the Essex regiment

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Thanks Tara and barkalot.

barkalot, any chance of a number, enlistment date and or transfer date for him

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