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WW1 replica rifle / weaponery - help needed.


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A friend of mine in Winterton, North Lincolnshire is going to be paying his respects to all those who served in WW1 and later conflicts on Tuesday 11th November 2014 by digging a trench at the back of Winterton Community Pavilion, Newport Drive, Winterton, and spending two days and one night in there (in pitch black), dressed in a replica uniform. He will be raising money for the Winterton and district branch of the Royal British Legion and a local winter support fund for the elderly and disabled.

He would like to get the local schools involved by getting the children to come and view the replica trench, and show them what life would have been like in WW1 for the soldiers.

My friend already has a replica uniform, but he has also put out an appeal for a replica rifle and/or any other type of WW1 weaponery which he could borrow. If there's anyone who can help, please message me and I will pass the details to my friend.

Thank you.

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You do not seem to have much luck with this request. I can only suggest that you try contacting Khaki Chums who are specialists at reenactments and that sort of thing. I expect they have a web site.

Old Tom

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