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Graveyard on/near the west coast of Jutland


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I've been meaning to post this query for many months. Is anyone familiar with churchyards and war graves on the west coast of Jutland?

More than 40 years ago now, I attended a conference in Jutland. We were taken on a day off on tour of western and north western Jutland. This included a visit to a church and churchyard in a (then a least) quiet little town on or near the coast. In the churchyard there were two (WW1) war graves one British, one German of unidentified sailors. I can remember calculating that one at least must have been a casualty of the battle of Jutland.

There were no other war graves, though I suppose there might have been one or two WW2 ones somewhere else in the graveyard.

Unfortunately I have lost my notes from the conference, and my memory isn't good enough after 40 years. I have a photo somewhere which is no help as it only shows the two gravestones.

Consulting the CWGC site suggests that there are three possibilities, but there may be others.

Is anyone familiar enough with the Danish churchyard war graves to identify my forgotten graveyard?


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