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Cradle leave


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Perthshire Advertiser 23/8/1916

" Cradle Leave in France-One of the most popular concessions ever granted by a French Minister of War is that just accorded by General Roques. It is known, says a Paris correspondent, the fathers in the trenches as " Leave to see baby. " Special leave of three days, not counting travelling, is to be given, if circumstances permit, to every French soldier whose wife presents him with a baby. As soon as the poilus were made aware of the arrangement they suggested to their officers that in the event of twins, their "cradle leave" should be doubled. For some time past during the present war it has been the custom in the British Army to allow husbands in this country to return for two or three days during a birth, especially if it is the first of a family. "

Heard of that before?


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Not something I've heard of as a rule - I'm sure though that some CO's would try and ensure leave was granted as soon as possible but I've seen stories of men never seeing their children or not seeing them until after the war and they returned from the front.


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