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Group of black students from Cardiff who signed up for WW1?


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Hello everybody

This is a bit of a needle in a haystack request, but I was recently told the story of a group of six or seven black students who had come to Cardiff to study, who decided to sign up together to fight in WW1.

I am really keen to find out who these men were and what happened to them - I wonder if anybody else knows of this story or could shed any light on who these men might have been.

If you have any information at all, it would be very gratefully received - please email me at pamela.mcintyre@bbc.co.uk.

With many thanks


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Western mail or Cardiff uni archives may have something.


Scoll down Cardiff uni archives and student papers to be digitised.

There is a thread on here about soldiers of colour. Within that there is mention of a few black soldiers from the 16th Battalion(City of Cardiff) Welsh regiment. However I belive they may be from tiger bay rather than academic background.

EDIT for hitting post before finishing.

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