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South African enlisted in Britsh Naval Reserve

Guest GillRice

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I am trying to find out how a young South African of German origin (Born SA) would have come to have been a stoker onboard a trawler based Aberdeen during WW1

From what I can gather he changed his name slightly to sound more British - he also did this with his parents names. He was born in South Africa and appears in Aberdeen prior to WW1. He served throughout the war with the RNReserve Aberdeen based, marrying an Aberdonian lass in 1915 (evidence from marriage certificate re name change)

Is it possible for his grandchildren to search for his records

Any help very much appreciated

Gill Rice

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Do you know his name and/or service number? This will be most important in tracking down his records.

If you do, his service papers should be easy enough to find.


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