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Remembered Today:

Horse Transport Coy ASC Diary


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I don't know if this is in the right section, hopefully it will be moved if not.

A while a go I bought a small, fading, pencil-written GW Diary. After some research I found out that he was in a Horse Transport Coy in the ASC (that is reflected in the diary).

However, the diary is from 1919 - but, it gives an insight into a little know area of Great War History.

Belonged to T4/238350 Cpl.William Alexander Hillier

The best entry is the last one

Thurs 22 May 1919

Notified for Embarkation tomorrow Free

Another good entry

Mon 17 March 1919

12 Killed [,] 24 Wounded [,] Number [of] prisoners taken

Will try to transcribe more if interested.

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Zeb 12,

I, for one, would be interested in reading more transcriptions. The 17 March 1919 entry has me puzzled. Wasn't the war over?

All the best,


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Presumably the embarkation was from France, back to the UK.


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Good point Old Tom.

1152 and 1153 Cos RASC both served in Russia in 1919. 1152's War Diary begins in March and 1153's in May. There were also a few Depot Units of Supply, which are very small units.


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